AimFury aimbot showcase on PC


  • Customizable aim key and aimlock
  • Customizable FOV and aim speed
  • Smart target selection with player and distance prioritization
  • Auto fire and one-shot kill options
  • Undetectable by anti-cheat software
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Our aimbot is completely undetected from anti-cheats.

Our aimbot is safe and protected from malware.

We push new updates within an hour after a game update.

The .dll file is hardened and protected, meaning safety.

New World

How AimFuryâ„¢ Aimbot works with New World

New World is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game that requires players to have swift movements and aim to succeed in combat. AimFuryâ„¢ Aimbot is designed to aid players in making accurate shots quickly and efficiently by improving their aim. The Aimbot software provides an edge to the players, allowing them to become more competitive and win more easily.

Features of AimFuryâ„¢ Aimbot

AimFuryâ„¢ Aimbot uses advanced algorithms and systems to provide players with intuitive targeting assistance. The software allows players to focus on their movement and other essential aspects of the game while also providing a seamless aim system. Some of the features include:

  • Auto-aim
  • Triggerbot
  • Prediction
  • Visibility checks

The auto-aim feature automatically detects the enemies, moves the cross-hair to their heads, and eliminates them. The trigger bot feature automatically fires the weapon when the cross-hair is over the enemy’s body part. The prediction feature allows the Aimbot to judge the enemy’s movement and predict their future movement direction. Lastly, the visibility check ensures that the Aimbot only aims at enemies visible to the players for added precision.

The Benefits of Using AimFuryâ„¢ Aimbot

Using the AimFuryâ„¢ Aimbot with New World provides several benefits, including:

  • Increased accuracy and speed
  • Ability to play aggressively with confidence
  • Enhanced gaming experience

The software provides increased accuracy and speed, allowing players to outsmart their opponents with ease. Players will experience a more enjoyable gaming experience, allowing them to play aggressively with confidence while using the Aimbot. Competing with other players will become more enjoyable and less stressful.


AimFuryâ„¢ Aimbot is an ideal companion for gamers who want to improve their targeting skills and enjoy a seamless gaming experience. The software allows players to make accurate shots and move on with the game quickly, boosting their gameplay experience. Gamers looking to dominate New World and other shooting games should consider using AimFuryâ„¢ Aimbot to sharpen their gaming skills and increase their chances of winning.

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